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What do you do when your "stuck"?

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User ImageSarcasm Society
3:14 pm Thursday
July 16, 2009
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I just feel stuck in my learning process

what would you do in this situation?
User ImageTerry
6:12 pm Thursday
July 16, 2009
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dont stop playing!!!!!
that is the biggest mistake you could ever make.
try to find something that gets you inspired to play.
and by that i mean, expand your musical taste, you cant go on just listing and playing the same thing, you become complacent and board, try to play something that is way out of your limitations and always try to improve.
User Imagejeremy
11:14 pm Sunday
July 19, 2009
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I always get "stuck". Sometimes for years it seems. It just happens. But then I start to kinda figure stuff out that I didn´t figure out before for whatever reason and then I make improvements in a given area of my playing. There are times when I´m learning a lot and then there are times when I just float and don´t learn anything new. But yeah, playing guitar is at the top of my list of things to do at all times. If you love it then you just roll with it no matter what. I always kinda joke with myself... I say, "What I lack in skill I make up for in heart." I love it... even when I think that I suck.
User ImageMike Lindyn
2:26 am Monday
July 20, 2009
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When I get the feeling of being "stuck" I always go back to the books and look at ideas I may have covered but not thoroughly enough.

I use theory as a way to get my creativity going. Finding chords that go well together unexpectedly or finding a new way to approach a melody line through a theoretic idea is really cool... **cough** "guitar nerd" **cough** OK maybe "cool" isn´t the best term to use but you get the idea Razz

I have been playing now for 23 or so +years but going back to basic ideas helps so much when I get stuck.... However since you have only been playing a year there are whole worlds you may still need to explore.

This is a list of questions you can think of as a road map to unstuckville:
- Have you learned all the major/minor scale modes fingering for any key yet?
- Do you know the pentatonic scale over the length of the fretboard?
- Have you learned all the diatonic Major, Minor and Diminished chords for the major scales yet?
- Same question as above only with 7th chords?
- Same question as above only with 9th chords?
- Same question as above only with 11th chords?
- Same question as above only with 13th chords?
-Can you play 7th, 9th, 11th, & 13th chord fingerings yet?

These are great places to start getting unstuck... If you have answered "yes" that you know all the things above... Try these:
- Do you know how the pentatonic scale relates to the major/minor scale and can you find the three pentatonic scales in every major scale?
- Do you know the fingering for the harmonic minor scale?
- Do you know how harmonic minor is related to the natural minor scale and by extention major?
- Do you know what secondary dominants and secondary leading tone chords are?
- Do you know the Diminished Scale?
- Do you know why Diminished 7th Chords are so cool (And sooo widely used)?

I wouldn´t expect you to answer these question here but if you can answer them for yourself you will find yourself a lot less stick.

Oh yeah..... Also don´t worry too much about getting stuck... Everyone feels that way sometimes... Its actually good because if you don´t give up it will make you better. Guitar Guitar

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