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Les Paul

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User ImageMike Lindyn
2:43 pm Thursday
August 13, 2009
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Les Paul was a great guitarist and also an inventor who made many great advancement in recording and guitar gear... Among other things he invented multi-track recording and did more to make the electric guitar popular than just about anyone else of this era.

I never really got into Les Paul´s playing before mainly because I was more of a Chet Atkins fan but also because there is less Les stuff out there. I spent a good deal of the day looking for some Videos to post and it was really fun to hear some of his stuff. I´ll have to listen to more in the future.

Anyway here´s some of his music and some info about him I dig up:

Here´s Les and one of my personal favrite players Chet Atkins

I loved this video! Shows his playing and humor.

The beginning of this video is kinda cool because the interviewer is just so blown away by the thought of 24 tracks.

This is a Documentary on Les. Part 1

Little Video of Les Paul at 90
User Imagejeremy
7:01 pm Thursday
August 13, 2009
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God bless him. He designed my favorite guitar. I think it´s the best guitar in the world.
Defualt User ImageHarvey
12:39 pm Monday
March 22, 2010
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Les Paul Gibson Suburst

What a true guitar hero and legend. The most a amazing pioneer, inventor and guitarist ever. Thank you for sharing these most amazing videos and material. Les Paul was the pioneer of the Sunburs Smile t Electric Guitar.

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