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please help me with a school project

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User Imagejeremy
8:59 pm Friday
September 18, 2009
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Some of you may have read in other threads that I recently went back to school to study web design. Well, I have this research project to do that includes surveying people over the internet about what they´re looking for in a college web site.

I had to come up with a few different audience groups who would be looking for information on a college web site. I composed a list of things that I would assume these audience groups would be looking for. Now I need to ask actual members of these audience groups what they would be looking for to see if my assumptions were close.

So... if you are a student, a parent, a school employee (teachers, etc.), an investor or a government employee or someone in an audience group that I didn´t think of could you please give me a list of the types of information or features that you would be looking for on a college web site? If you could just tell me which group you fit in and give me a list of things that you would be looking for then that would be great.

Thanks for any help!
User ImageBillyJack
10:30 pm Saturday
September 19, 2009
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When I was doing the research for my son, the thing I looked at first was graduate employment stats at different intervals. Like how many were placed at 6, 12 & 24 months.

Not sure if that´s the kind of stuff you´re looking for, but with the economy the way it was and is, it was important to us in choosing a school. One thing I never found was a "By Major" list and only a few outside the Universities had hard stats overall. Most just quoted me projections for his class. Which is a fluff job of an edjumacated way of saying they guessed.
User ImageMike Lindyn
11:48 pm Saturday
September 19, 2009
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I was the main web developer for a major university for about three years. Here is a outline of some of the more basic stuff. Their site is 1000´s of pages so it would be hard to list everything. Some of the main areas needed are:

About Us
Undergraduate Studies
--Degree Programs
--Academic Advising & Student Services
Graduate Studies
--Research Areas
News & Events
Supporting the School
Contact Us

Online registration stuff is very popular. I created a online registration system for teachers so they could tell the college what classes they would be teaching as well as what materials would be needed for the class, it was a pretty big job. Viewing grades is important too although at the school I was at there were others that handled grades and registration.
User Imagejeremy
2:19 pm Thursday
September 24, 2009
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Thanks for the replies, guys. That´s awesome. I had to come up with projected features and stuff that certain audience groups would be looking for and then ask actual members of the audience to see if I was on target. I pretty much was but you guys mentioned some things that I didn´t think of. Thanks!

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