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User ImageT.A.Z
5:23 pm Tuesday
February 15, 2011
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So I´ve been looking through all the stuff on this site and feeling all nostalgic I feel like we need to promote this site more/again and see if we can get more active members involved again with the duels/messageboards/lessons.

The interactivity of the site is just phenominal and it really needs to be spread around and get people more involved.

Anyone with me? lol
User Imagejeremy
2:55 am Monday
February 28, 2011
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I agree. I´d dig it if there were more active people on here. I´ve tried to get new people on here. I wear the old GKN shirts pretty often and I´ve ended up talking to strangers about it who noticed the shirt. But I don´t think that any of these dudes ever joined up. I actually ran into this one dude a second time and I asked him about it. He said that he came to the site but I don´t think he ever registered.

It seems tough to get people into this type of site. I just built a similar site over the holidays and I can´t even get my closest guitar friends to register on there (the main reason I built it was for the experience of building the site and to create an online forum for my closest guitar friends). I got a couple of friends to register on GKN in the past though. But they never got into it. They just registered an account and never came back.

Maybe it has something to do with guitar players in general. My one guitar friend and I were talking about the nature of guitar players recently. Him and I have plenty of experience playing in bands, doing the clubs and stuff (he actually has more experience than I do). He made an observation about how guitar players aren´t as friendly with each other as other instrument players are. Like, most of the time, when he rolls up to another guitar player at a show and tries to give ´im a compliment or whatever they don´t take it in a nice way or act like they don´t even wanna talk with him. He thinks that guitar players tend to be more competitive with each other than other instrument players. And they don´t wanna "kick it" with other guitar players.

I don´t know if I ever really got that vibe though. I´m definitely not like that. I love guitar players. I don´t care how "good" or "bad" a guitar player is. I just generally love the instrument, I love to talk about it, and I love to watch people play it (that´s why I dig it when I get to see dudes puttin´ up videos).

I don´t know... how DO we get more people involved with the site? I´m probably one of the only people in the world who´s never had a MySpace account or a FaceBook account. I imagine that there´s features on those sites that could be used to "spread the word".
User ImageT.A.Z
7:48 pm Wednesday
March 2, 2011
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Yeah that´s the thing Jeremy. I´ve had a few of my friends and in particular one of my students sign up here but they don´t get involved with it. I think it´s a certain type of player that get´s involved around here, rather than your average kid just jamming out. You know? it´s more for guys that kinda want to learn more about the instrument and such.

I don´t really get that vibe you were talking about, but I do agree that guitar players in general are much more competitive, it might be something to do with the sheer numbers of players lol bassists and drummers and singers, they seem to be dying breeds but guitar players are everywhere so you kinda have to have a little competitiveness in you to make it work, but I agree I much prefer to try and get involved with other guitar players as much as I can lol that´s why when I have kids asking me about playing I´ll chew their ear of for an hour haha

But on subject, I´m on Facebook and post up once/twice a week advertising the site cause you never know whos taking notice, I´ve also started putting tweets out to guitar players I follow, including Joe Satriani who actually follows me too!! So with any luck maybe we´ll get a guest teacher show his around here Wink I´ll keep trying but it´s just a matter of people wanting to sign up lol if we try to keep the forums active ourselves maybe more will start posting to get involved and it can maybe evolve from there??
User Imagejeremy
10:23 pm Wednesday
March 9, 2011
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That would be cool if Joe Satriani posted on here. I know Mike would dig that. Yeah, if the "core" GKN dudes keep active on here it will at least keep the community alive.

I know Mike is talking about a redesign. I´ve mentioned to him that I think the site could be made simpler. There´s a lot of sections on this site. I´d bet that most people hit less than half of it. I think the format should be simpler because you don´t wanna give people too much to look at it on a web site. Or too much to read (says me who writes extremely long posts from time to time).

I read an article in Wired magazine written by Chris Anderson of www.ted.com. The one quote from it hit me. He wrote, "Video is the killer app. Don´t write me. Tell me. Show me." He was talking about the success of sites like Youtube. In general, people would rather watch a video than scroll down a web page and read a lot of text. I think that using video content instead of text (like, in the lessons area) would make a difference. I think that more people would be willing to watch a short video to learn something rather than read text.

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