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Jeremy´s Mode Lesson

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Defualt User ImageWorldDecay
4:22 pm Monday
July 7, 2008
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Those two tables seem very very useful, but I do not understand how it is applied. Those chords being in any key?

Are those chords I-VII respectively in a diatonic key?
User Imagejeremy
12:27 am Tuesday
July 8, 2008
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What I did with those tables is set up a very generic way to think of the modes in any key. So for example if you´re gonna take a lead over an A minor chord you could use the Aeolian mode starting on A.

I´m glad that you brought that lesson up ´cause I just noticed that I made a little typo in it which I just fixed. I had a capital "M" in the word minor for one of the modes. Not a big a deal but I had to fix it.

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