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Mike Lindyn vs. Terry

Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn vs. Terry

Duel Started:10/7/2009, 3:35 am
Duel Ends:10/14/2009, 2:35 am

Terms of this Duel:
I did this track tonight in about 20 minutes... this is the end result. I challenge anyone up to it to beat me up on this duel...

You can get the BG track I used here: http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/play/jamtracks/medium_funky_blues.htm. One other thing... I had to convert the track to mono to meet the GKN size limitations this is becasue the track is 5 and a half minutes long.

Good Luck, I´m looking forward to it.


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Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 12:51 pm, 10/14/2009 Report
Good duel man. I liked your track a lot.

Monday 11:08 pm, 10/12/2009 Report
I had to vote for Terry on this one. Even though his was really short there was a lot of flavor packed in there. I don't know if he composed it at all but it sounded like he did. I just liked his better.

Mike Lindyn
Monday 2:32 am, 10/12/2009 Report
Well I'm getting my butt kicked here but there are more people vote so that is good Smile

Saturday 2:07 am, 10/10/2009 Report
you know it brother!

Friday 3:10 am, 10/9/2009 Report
Awesome tracks Guys!

Do I hear some Dime Bag in there Terry?

great job guys!!!!