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Basic Strumming Patterns

This lesson will introduce you to 16 simple strumming patterns. To learn to play these patterns, tap your foot, each time your foot hits the ground count one beat. So over four beats you get One...Two...Three...Four in fact strumming this 1, 2, 3, 4 pattern is our first example. Once you have the first example done try the others. Remember the One, Two, Three, and Four will always happen on a down beat the 8th note "&'s" will be on the up beat.

To start learning these rhythm patterns you can use any chords you are comfortable playing, an open G Major chord would be good. Once you get all these patterns memorized you can start introducing chord changes. Also once you have these 16 patterns down you can combine them to make more elaborate rhythm patterns.

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Tuesday 3:11 am, 6/2/2009 Report
wow! someone put a lot of thought into this