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Warm Up Exercises - Part 1

by Mike Lindyn
www.GuitarKnowledgenet.com ©2004

This lesson was designed to help you get your fingers up to speed and working together with your picking hand. What follows is a series of finger exercises that will help you develop your picking and fingering. This is a great way to start out you practice time.

There are two forms of exercises on this page, 4 notes per string exercises in which you hit four notes on every sting, and 2 notes per string exercises in which you hit two notes on every string. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1) Make sure you use the alternate picking style throughout all these exercises.

2) Start out slowly and build up speed gradually.

3) Make sure you are hitting all the notes cleanly before you start playing this fast.

I have decided that for these examples I will only use clean examples because distortion can sometimes cover up sloppy technique. You should practice all of these examples clean before you turn on your distortion. Also I've only added audio examples for some of these exercises since they are "just finger exercise" and it really doesn't matter what they sound like. In the follow-up to this lesson I will show some 3 notes per string exercises and some 1 note per string exercises, these are a bit trickier to play correctly as I will explain later.


  Clean Example  





 Clean Example 

Clean Example    


 Clean Example 


 Clean Example          

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