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I - IV - V Melodies

by Mike Lindyn
www.GuitarKnowledgenet.com ©2004

The I - IV - V progression is the most common progression in rock/blues based music. If you know any songs at all you probably know one with a I – IV – V progression in it. This could be any song that goes G – C – D or A – D – E, or a bunch of other simple progressions like this.

But besides being able to use this I – IV – V progression with chords you can also use it with melody lines. Below are two example of the I – IV – V progression being used in a melody line (though these are melody lines they could be used to replace a harmony or act as the harmony).

The first of these examples is a very common blues rhythm line. This was the first of these I – IV – V melody lines I learned as a kid. The second example is a section from a song I wrote that uses this same idea and is based off the same chords in the same order.

Once you get these down try to figure out some of your own.





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