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Different Ways To Practice Scales (Part 2)

Working within scales

In this lesson we will take one of the scale forms we learned in the last lesson and show the different ways that form can be practiced.

In the examples that follow all scales we will use will be box form. This is to show you how many different ways we can play this scale form. I used box form in these examples because it is the easiest scale form and it is the one most people are already accustomed to.

Once you look at the following examples go back to the first two lessons and try to incorperate the things you learned in this lesson with the things you learned in the those lessons.

Ionian Mode Box Form

#1) G Major Box Form

#2) Double Hits

#3) Triple Hits

#4) Major Scale in Thirds

#5) Major Scale In Fouth

#6) Major Scale in Fifths

#7) Major Scale in Sixths

#8) Major Scale In Sevenths

#9) Major Scale In Octaves

#10 a) Three steps forward one step back

#10 b) Three steps back one step forward

#11 Up four back to the second and up four again

#12) Down four, back to the seventh, and down four again


#13) Inward - Outward or Ascending - Decending


If you take the 13 examples in this lesson and apply them to the five scale forms form Part 1 of this lesson, and applied that to every mode in every key you would get about five thousand and fourty patterns that could be created. I dare you to figure them all out. If you do, let me know.

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Thursday 7:45 am, 4/26/2012 Report
This lessons are great. I wish I found this site sooner.