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User Name: J-Man
Total GKN Activity Points: 66
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Age: 65
Number of Instruments Played: 1
Member Since: 3/30/2007
Last Visit: 8/26/2011
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My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 51Proficiency: Advanced

My Approach to Learning and Playing:

Technique first..gets the fingers used to doing things that they have never done before.

Cover basic theroy and strict attention to ´time´ from the get go.

Practice: Warmup, scales, chords, rythmn, jam, write, in that order.

Practice x10.

My Musical Education:

Started at 13.
3 years professional lessons.
2 semesters of collage theroy. Had to bail because it was beyond words difficult at the time.
Never played with an orginized, tight band. Looking forward to that someday.

My Musical Influences:

Malmsteen, Lynch, Page, Hendrix, Trower, Gilbert, Doug Aldridge, Petrucci, Blues Saraceno, etc.

Bands:Dimmu Borgir, Queensrÿche, Killswitch Engage, Led Zeppin, Evergrey, Slipknot, Nevermore, Judas Priest, Iron Madien, Accept.

My Learning Resources:

Guitar Pro 5.. can learn a lot from this program. Best writing/learning resource to date.

Sam Ash institue..Don Lappin is the best (Berkley Professor).

Guitar Tricks.
Guitar Knowlage.
Guitar Shred show Mr. Fastfinger..modal stuff
Paul Gilbert intense rock videos..speed, sweep picking.

My Gear
Electric Guitar
Make: Jackson
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Make: Yamaha
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:

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