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Andrés Rexach's Profile

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User Name: Andrés Rexach
Total GKN Activity Points: 40
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Age: 46
Number of Instruments Played: 5
Member Since: 7/17/2008
Last Visit: 6/2/2009
Tabs Created: 0
Public Lessons: 0
Woodshed Postings: 0
Duels Entered: 0
Duels Won: 0
Other Social Network: Here

My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 40Proficiency: Advanced
Steel String Acoustic GuitarYears Playing: 40Proficiency: Advanced
Nylon String Acoustic GuitarYears Playing: 40Proficiency: Advanced
Piano/KeyboardYears Playing: 21Proficiency: Beginner
Bass GuitarYears Playing: 24Proficiency: Intermediate

My Musical Education:

*Rock Guitar private lessons from Luis Marques.
*Jazz Guitar private lessons Francisco Rivero.
*In Berklee College of Music:
-1993 with Jon Damian.
-1994 with Mike Williams
-1995 with Jim Kelly
-1996 with Jim Kelly
In 1997 won the Berklee´s scholarship.
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Mike Lindyn
Friday 7:14 am, 10/31/2008 Report
Hi Andr's,

That's a impressive education list... I'd love to have you post a lesson or hear some of your tunes. It sounds like you bring a lot of knowledge to the table... Welcome to GKN.