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jeremizzle's Profile

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User Name: jeremizzle
Total GKN Activity Points: 69
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Age: 22
Number of Instruments Played: 2
Member Since: 10/3/2009
Last Visit: 10/3/2009
Tabs Created: 1
Public Lessons: 0
Woodshed Postings: 1
Duels Entered: 0
Duels Won: 0
Other Social Network: Here

My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 9Proficiency: Beginner
Steel String Acoustic GuitarYears Playing: 8Proficiency: Beginner

My Approach to Learning and Playing:

If dimebag, hendrix and stardust could do it, so could I.
My Musical Education:

self taught.
My Musical Influences:

dimebag darrel, joe satriani, steve vai, and everybody who said i was too lazy to progress in guitar.
My Learning Resources:

internet, and anyone who wants to lend a hand.
About My Music:

I´ll listen to anything good. not very picky. very humble.

My Gear
Electric Guitar
Make: Unspecified
Model: dean mlx
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
$ 500.00
my deans name is mistress mandy. With her amp, she plays so loud i bust windows in my friends garage. roooock. btw rip dimebag darrel.
Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Make: Unspecified
Model: Dean playmate
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
$ 175.00
Just got it for guitar classes next semester. I can only describe the sound as "pure sexy"
Electric Guitar
Make: Fender
Model: bullet strat
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
$ 300.00
My dad got me for christmas. it needs a new fretboard, new knobs, new strings....and just about new everything.

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