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jaimieandlisa's Profile

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User Name: jaimieandlisa
Total GKN Activity Points: 77
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Age: 60
Number of Instruments Played: 1
Member Since: 4/29/2011
Last Visit: 4/29/2011
Tabs Created: 0
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My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 49Proficiency: Intermediate

My Approach to Learning and Playing:

Sometimes I hear shit in my head and kind of work it out from there.
My Musical Education:

I played professionally for about 25 years. I was 5 when I got my first guitar. Then Windows 95 came out and I more of less walked away from music altogether. As it stands now I have a Bachelors Degree in Music Theory and a masters in computer science.

I never really intended to get back into music. I have a bunch of certifications in programming and for a lot of years computers have always been my thing.

Couple months ago was I walking 2 of our pits and sitting in the garbage in front of someones house was a casio ctk-496 and I just knew what would happen if i brought it home.

I immediately noticed the casio had the action of an organ and only 61 keys so that was a problem. I wasn´t ever much of a piano player but good enough, you know?

Well.... It wasn´t too long before I started really thinking about guitar. Last month I got a strat off a crackhead for $50, this is NY after-all, lol and I´m hooked.

My Musical Influences:

Jimi, Urlich, Richie Blackmore, Rock Feinstein
My Learning Resources:

The Internet now.
My Gear
Electric Guitar
Make: Fender
Model: strat
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
$ 50.00
Make: Other
Model: ctk-496
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
$ 0.00

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Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 5:16 pm, 8/24/2011 Report
I have to agree with Jeremy you profile is very interesting. Welcome to GKN.

Friday 6:30 am, 8/5/2011 Report
You definitely have one of the most interesting profiles on the site. I enjoyed reading your journey back to music.