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GKN Chord and Scale Fingerings

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Sunday 6:36 am, 4/19/2020 Report
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Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 6:14 am, 7/15/2008 Report
Sorry for not replying sooner but I did not notice this comment until now.

To some extent you are right... In researching this question I have found both 1-3-#5-7 and 1-3-#5-b7 used as an Aug 7th. People who say b7 seem to imply that the Aug 7th is an offshoot of the Dominant 7th (V7) chord. Whereas people who so Major 7th see the Aug 7th as an offshoot of Major 7th.

I am in the Major 7th camp because the only diatonic place most people ever use an augment chords is in harmonic minor on the 3rd scale degree, which does have a diatonic formula of 1-3-#5-7.

You may be right that a better it maybe better to call this chord an Augmented Major Seventh as Wikipedia does "Augmented Major Seventh (also maj7(#5), maj 7, %u0394 7) root, major 3rd, augmented 5th, major seventh" - Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seventh_chord

to understand what I was saying about the augmented 7th and the 3rd scale degree of the harmonic minor scale read the thread below.

But hey what's in a name anyway. We can call it Auggie if we want.

Tuesday 7:13 pm, 6/24/2008 Report
The chord fingering for Augmented 7th, should have a flat 7th shouldn't it? Root, major third, sharp 5th(augmented) and flat 7th (dominant 7th). As shown it would be an Augmented Major 7th. Great site.