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My Fender Super Twin Project

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User ImageFenderBender
9:44 pm Thursday
January 3, 2013
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Here´s something that I posted on the other forum I mentioned in talk freely.. I´ve had this sitting around for a while but i´m finally getting time to be able to start doing some work to it.

a while back a friend of mine was helping clean out a studio here in NYC and got a ton of stuff for free. One thing being this Fender Super Twin. He asked me about it because he knows I´m a huge SRV head and Stevie used one of these from time to time. It´s really just a raw power amp, shitty distortion but the typical fender chimey cleans and 180watts of blow your f*&king windows out power. When he got the amp it was in pretty bad shape. Had been sitting in a basement of the studio so it´s all moldy and mildew ridden but i´ve taken it in as a project and I´ve been slowly ordering parts to be able to completely restore it.

one of the dudes on the other board gave me a ton of good resources to get this running again. It´s going to take some time but I love doing this kind of stuff so to me, it´s worth it.

Here are links to the pics..
front left

inside left

amp front

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