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Fender Pro 185

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User ImageFenderBender
1:29 pm Thursday
February 14, 2013
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so, I didn´t end up getting the cybertwin from the other post. I had a heck of a problem with the guy. Slow and skinny, craigslist is CRAZY! won´t get into that story, I´ll just get aggravated again.

I did however want an older fender solid state that I could drive with some pedals. I decided on a Fender Pro 185. First few tries fell apart but the last one, I struck gold! Guy was having a problem with scratchy pots and wanted $250 for it. When I went to demo it, there were 4 pots that were ridiulous. I got him down to $150 for it. Brought her home, little soap and water and she looks like new. Dropped the electronics box and cleaned that out, hit the pots with a super quick shot of WD40 - voila! No more scratchy!

I have to say the clean channel is really where it´s at. It´s a bit harsh on the treble side but if you eq it out you can get those classic fender cleans. The dirty side is ok - have to fuss with the knobs a bit to get something usable but I don´t really care about that. Lastly - wow! This thing will rattle your bones! I can´t believe how loud this thing is. I was messing around with it this morning and on 2, the windows were shaking.. On 4 I had to go into the other room. I can´t imagine ever having this thing on anything louder than that. My GOD it´s just soo loud.

anyway - thought I´d share.. I thought the ghosts of GKN would appreciate it. Thumbs Up

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