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new pots

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User Imagejohndon
8:01 pm Sunday
February 2, 2014
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how can i tell which pots i need without taking the guitar to pieces before i need to, its an old hohner arbor les paul copy but the volume and tone pots are unusable, i dont want to dismantle it till i have replacements at hand. thnks
User ImageMike Lindyn
2:59 am Saturday
February 8, 2014
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You are most likely going to have to a least partly remove the pots to see what you are dealing with.

There are at least four basic types of common pots: Full size, Mini, Long Shaft and Short Shaft and resistance is normally 250K to 500K Ohms. I actually think the choice of 250 or 500 in the tone knob is a question of preference. The choice of shaft length is related to the depth of the whole these will sit in.

I am no expert in these matters. Frankly, I have a guy that knows these types of things so when I need something fixed I bring it to him. I wish I knew more about electronics and the sort.

Here are some links that may help:
Guitar eletronic volume and tone pots

Discussion of 250k Vs 500K Ohm Volume and tone pots

Rewiring an Electrice Guitar

Good Luck Thumbs Up

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