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Beginners Needed for Beta Testing

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Defualt User Imagepurechords
11:13 am Sunday
February 21, 2016
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I´m launching a new chord-learning tool for beginners. It helps to remove many of the frustrations that novices face when trying to learn guitar.

How does the tool work?

-Enter chords you already know, and it searches a database of 300,000 results to find songs that use those exact chords. A search for G, C, and D, for example, shows you about 4,000 songs that use those 3 chords exclusively.

-This is your comfort zone. Find songs you like from the list and play.

-When you´re ready to move forward, the tool recommends what chord to learn next. Learning Eminor, for example, will unlock more songs than any other chord will.

-Do a new search of G, C, D, and Eminor â€" and discover the 10,000 songs you can play.

-Incorporate Eminor into your practice. And once you´ve mastered it, move onto the next best chord.

If you´d like to test out the tool, email me (chordmastery [@] gmail [dot] com â€" with subject line…. iloveguitar).

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