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Eletric guitar amplifier(help in chossing)

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Defualt User Imagesaxontrusteel
8:32 pm Wednesday
September 6, 2006
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hi all, i am wanting a little help with buying a new amp, have been using this 10 amp pratice amp that came with my electric but would like a little upgrade. i mainly want the amp for my electric but would also like to plug in my electro acoustic occasionally.(TY for reply lyndon on Ovation but i didnt get a roundback i got a Guvnor GA555 Ce electro accoustic). Because of elec accoustic i have been told that reverb is good function on an amp(is this good advice). I have 2 models in mind 1) Marshall MG15CDR) And the other is Drive 30w Guitar Amp With Reverb)
Marshall Amps Spec:
Already hailed a classic, the MG15CDR adds a natural sounding Spring Reverb to all the outstanding features and tonal flexibility of the MG15CD.

- Twin channels - Clean & Overdrive
- Contour Control for dramatic mid sweep and 'scooping'
- Emulated Line Out jack and Headphone jack
- CD input which allows you to play along to your favourite discs
- Natural sounding Spring Reverb
- 8" custom-voiced speaker
- FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping)

Drive Amps Spec:
30 Watts of power
Single 10" speaker
Input jack
Drive channel with gain and volume controls
Channel selector switch
for drive or clean channels
Footswitch jack
for drive or clean channel selection
Volume control for clean channel
3-Band EQ (treble, mid, bass)
Reverb control
Headphone jack
14.5W x 8.5D x 17H
20 lbs

Hope someone can help. thankyou in advance.
PS Have read some reviews on both amps but that didnt realy help.
User ImageT.A.Z
9:36 am Thursday
September 7, 2006
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I have had experience with teh Marshall, and i gotta say that the amp is great am for 15 watt. The crunchchannel has tht beutiful warm Mrshall one and thclea tone isgret too,th reverb function soundsquite nice. I'd also say yes fo reverb for your electro, all acoustics oundnice with a touch of reverb on them, andhe arshall tnei think would sutit quite nicely. Very happy
User ImageFenderBender
1:40 pm Thursday
September 7, 2006
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yep - totally agree with the hamster.. Marshall is the way to go.. they make great equipment and even with solid state you can get a great sounding crunch out of it or you can also get a sweet clean.. I know someone that has the marshall microstack (not the one that runs on the 8volt! Smile ) it's a 15watt head with the 2 10in speaker cabs and that little thing will ratttle the windows!

Here's a link from ebay on it

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