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Mike Lindyn vs. jeremy

Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn vs. jeremy

Duel Started:5/29/2009, 5:30 am
Duel Ends:6/5/2009, 4:30 am

Terms of this Duel:
Here is the duel idea...

The track you submit needs to have a lead line that only uses one string. The tune I am submitting is called One Happy Day (Life of the B String) and the lead line is played entirely on the B string.

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Wednesday 2:35 am, 7/15/2009 Report
man, i must be really imature but i was listning to some of the guitar duels and read jerms post about doing some major damage to his G string and about died laughing...i am such a frickin dork!!!!!!

Tuesday 4:31 am, 6/9/2009 Report
Congratulations, Mike. The better man one this one. I'm gonna hafta step it up though next time I duel you.

Saturday 3:27 am, 5/30/2009 Report
Thanks, man. Your track is better though. But I can at least say that I made an attempt to do some damage to the G-string on my track.

I mentioned it somewhere else but all I used to record that track was the Tascam GT-R1 and a beat up Ibanez X-series that I call my "work" guitar because I keep it at work. I literally throw it into my cabinet after I'm done "working" for the day. I sat at my desk with the GT-R1, pulled up the drum track, made up the rhythm track and just improvised the lead over it.

Mike Lindyn
Friday 4:42 pm, 5/29/2009 Report
Awesome track jeremy its great to hear you play.