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Terry vs. jeremy




Terry vs. jeremy

Duel Started:6/3/2009, 12:21 am
Duel Ends:6/9/2009, 11:21 pm

Terms of this Duel:
play to the the track only using the pentatonic scale in G minor.
you can take some liberties but be fair...in example...if you were in minor pentatonic(check GKN for minor pentatonic scale) and the song permits you to play in all seven modes like all major progressions like wind crys mary...i will not accept any major runs or blatant major scale usage...it will be very obvious...there are major notes hiding in the pentatonic minor scale, i dont care if you use them there are also alot of diminished steps...dont care... just stay within the skeleton of penta, and you are cool...
have fun.

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Monday 2:31 am, 6/8/2009 Report
It was cool though, dude. Really cool. I can't do that. I hafta compose everything or my stuff comes out weak.

Wednesday 11:13 pm, 6/3/2009 Report
i just improvised over it like 3 or 4 times and took the best one...heh. im lazy like that...lol.

Wednesday 5:47 am, 6/3/2009 Report
Thanks, man. Your track is sweet too. I'm curious... did you improvise all of your lead or did you compose or premeditate any of it?

Wednesday 4:41 am, 6/3/2009 Report
man...now i want to go back and record again....lol!
great job Jerm...

Wednesday 2:46 am, 6/3/2009 Report
I agree. Our tracks are really equal, I think. That's what's cool about dudes laying stuff down on the same backing track. It kinda "levels the field".

Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 1:46 am, 6/3/2009 Report
Yep sorry about that... this app has a hard time with punctuation. I've been aware of the problem for a while now I'll get in there and figure out what is going on.

Also I have not yet voted... These two are really close I'm going to have to listen to them again... I'll vote tonight.

Wednesday 1:01 am, 6/3/2009 Report
My track is supposed to be called Chicken Pickin' G Minor. But (at least in my browser... IE6 at work) there's some sorta code issue and it reads as some code for the single quote. But anyway... I dig both solos on this one. Pizzle really laid it on at the end of his.