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Mike Lindyn vs. Terry

Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn vs. Terry

Duel Started:6/2/2009, 5:16 am
Duel Ends:6/9/2009, 4:16 am

Terms of this Duel:
OK I´m bringing the heat with this one so look out... ;) The song I´m submitting here is called Happy Heartbreak, it´s a rather short piece but its one of my more interesting metal solo works. Hope you enjoy it.

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Mike Lindyn
Thursday 5:37 pm, 6/4/2009 Report
Its an awesome track man... I love the transitions, timing and the long run in the middle is really sweet.

Wednesday 11:12 pm, 6/3/2009 Report
naw...for somthing like this i just record all of the tracks my self one at a time, pick a good section that i can solo over and jam a solo.

Wednesday 5:53 am, 6/3/2009 Report
So dude, do you like go into band rehearsal and say, "Okay dudes, let's lay down a jam for a guitar duel on GKN". That's what I'm picturing. And here I am just sitting at my desk by myself recording my stuff through a Line 6 Toneport into Sonar. I miss having a band.

Wednesday 4:38 am, 6/3/2009 Report
i love having a protools set up to use at my disposal.

Wednesday 4:28 am, 6/3/2009 Report
totally all real drums...5 mics, 3 takes.

Wednesday 4:14 am, 6/3/2009 Report
Yeah, I'm curious about the drums on Pizzle's track too. It sounds like real drums for the most part.

Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 1:08 am, 6/3/2009 Report
Sickwit - As for the drums... I think for this track I did the drums with this old midi app called SQ midi tools. I did a lot of my drums this way because the application was sooo easy to use. SQ Midi Tools acts as the sequencer on my pc and sends a midi signal to my keyboard which generates the sound that is sent into my mixer and then back into the pc.

Since I don't play drums coming up with good drum beats is one of the biggest challenges for me... It is also what slows down my recording process the most.

Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 1:00 am, 6/3/2009 Report
Very very cool track. Are you switching between real drums and a drum machine for this one?

Tuesday 11:30 pm, 6/2/2009 Report
i just record my drums and bass and then come up with somthing.

Tuesday 1:39 pm, 6/2/2009 Report
hey those are both awesome, major question though,,, where are you guys getting your drum beats?!?!?!?

Tuesday 5:22 am, 6/2/2009 Report
thats bad ass mike...i like the brake down part with those hammer-ons...