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Sickwit vs. jeremy




Sickwit vs. jeremy

Duel Started:7/10/2009, 5:41 pm
Duel Ends:7/17/2009, 4:41 pm

Terms of this Duel:
Grab a drum track from a famous song and remake it. This is floods from pantera drum track. Check it out i call it Bonecrusher.


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Tuesday 6:32 am, 7/21/2009 Report
Yeah. Sorry about that. I didn't understand what you meant by remake. To me that meant to re-record the original song. At any rate, it got it me to sit down and do something which is always cool. I probably woulda never learned and recorded this track otherwise.

Monday 3:48 pm, 7/20/2009 Report
you were supposed to remake the song. but still cool

Sarcasm Society
Thursday 1:51 am, 7/16/2009 Report
Very good cover of the best song by the greatest band ever

Wednesday 3:08 am, 7/15/2009 Report
Thanks, man. I can't take credit for the drum programming. I grabbed the backing track from here http://www.guitarbt.com/index.php?page=dl_list&cat=Metallica which I think is a site that Mike showed me years ago. I recorded all of the guitars using an Ibanez S Series through Pod Farm into Sonar 8. I used a preset called "Whisky Jar" which I think is a Metallica song preset... I don't know, but it sounded good for that song.

Wednesday 2:38 am, 7/15/2009 Report
dude...that was the best cover of master of puppets i have ever heard...im not joking at all...what kind of drum machine is that??? it sounds killer!

Tuesday 8:37 am, 7/14/2009 Report
I just read the rules of the duels and noticed this part: ALL MATERIAL SUBMITTED MUST BE OF YOUR OWN CREATION. I kinda failed. I was confused about what Sickwit wanted to lay down here. Now I get it. He wanted to create a whole new tune using an existing drum track.

It was fun learning and recording that track though.

Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 4:19 am, 7/14/2009 Report
I love Master of Puppets awesome tune. Good showing by both of you. Thumbs Up