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Terry vs. Highintel




Terry vs. Highintel

Duel Started:9/24/2009, 8:52 am
Duel Ends:10/1/2009, 7:52 am

Terms of this Duel:
major scale in d

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Wednesday 6:36 pm, 9/30/2009 Report
Awesome stuff from both you guys!! Highintel dude you are a seriously talented dude!!

Terry loved your tune mate would like to here more!!

Saturday 7:44 pm, 9/26/2009 Report
OMG you are amazing! Talk about talented! I mean seriously who the heck are you? you will need to teach me. I have never heard anything like that before!!!

great job! Wink Kira

Mike Lindyn
Saturday 7:11 pm, 9/26/2009 Report
Awesome tracks guys. Pizzle I dug that track it was very similar to a track I had done at one time. HighIntel that was some sick playing, as always.

Saturday 8:06 am, 9/26/2009 Report
These are some interesting tracks. Again, their totally different so it makes it almost impossible to pick one. And they're both good. So what do I do? I might just flip a coin. Seriously.

Thursday 8:41 pm, 9/24/2009 Report
Thanks...Yours was a lot more than a scale in D major too. Wink

A Major, B minor, D Major G major, etc.....

So I wasn't quite sure if that was a Term of the Duel, Or just a description of your track?

So Mine is in D Minor,

Which is the Yin to your Yang...lol

A Perfect Duality! Major Verses Minor Wink

Thanks For the Vote:)

I'll Tie things up to make em interesting..hehe

Thursday 7:57 pm, 9/24/2009 Report
hey dude...very nice, but, that was not D major. heh.
i still voted for you!