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Terry vs. Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn

Terry vs. Mike Lindyn

Duel Started:9/8/2009, 2:03 am
Duel Ends:9/15/2009, 1:03 am

Terms of this Duel:
play to me and johns new song!
the one i like the most will be on the song!
dont fuck up!!

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Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 4:47 am, 9/15/2009 Report
Wow it was a shutout. Sad oh well good duel Smile

Saturday 8:51 am, 9/12/2009 Report
Yeah, I had to go with Pizzle on this one. Both leads were good but I felt that Pizzle's lead fit the song better. It's funny, back before I got kinda busy I started working on this. I had a few phrases worked out and I was gonna lay a take down but never did. There should be a section of GKN in the future that's just about short leads like this. Like, a dude could post a backing track and then every member could post a take with his own lead... wait a minute... I'm having Deja vu over here. We all talked about this idea somewhere before... didn't we?

Wednesday 8:53 am, 9/9/2009 Report
wow, i totally forgot i posted those.

Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 2:46 am, 9/8/2009 Report
Great track man I voted for your track cause it was cooler than mine.