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Terry vs. Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn

Terry vs. Mike Lindyn

Duel Started:7/15/2009, 7:20 pm
Duel Ends:7/22/2009, 6:20 pm

Terms of this Duel:
solo over my version of Jamie Cullum´s 21st century kid...


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Wednesday 6:24 am, 7/22/2009 Report

I won't get around to messing with this until later this week (maybe... as long as life doesn't get in the way) but I looked up the chord chart just to get an idea and I was stoked that it was in G. That's like the guitar player's "favorite key".

Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 2:58 am, 7/22/2009 Report
I have listened to these tracks a bunch of times as well and like both version very much too. I'm into an acoustic version but I'll have to wait til this weekend to start working on it.

This is a really cool little tune so let me talk for a second to how I approached this solo... Its mostly in the key G Major but most of the time I lean towards B Phrygian (also in the key of G). At that weird break at about 1:07 I used four ascending and descending Diminished 7th arpeggios up a minor third from each other, this is borrowed from harmonic minor and really the only part of the tune that was planed out. After these four chords and a quick run down the minor scale its back to G Major again but now the melody switches between B Phrygian, A Dorian and E Minor.

Tuesday 5:29 am, 7/21/2009 Report
Whoa... bring it on. I'll give it a shot. I'd love to have us all record a guitar solo track together too. I'm WAY into that.

Monday 4:18 pm, 7/20/2009 Report
also i would like mike to play his acoustic on this one.
so i will post it again.
and i want to hear jerm too.
so i will post it a third time for you.

Monday 4:16 pm, 7/20/2009 Report
damn...im so used to hearing myself play on an electric.
i sound totally different on an acoustic!
the more i keep listing to these tracks the more i like them both.
i think im going to make a song today and have jerm mike and me all solo on it.
that would be cool.
are you guys down?

Monday 3:59 pm, 7/20/2009 Report
mike...that was awesome dude.
i love your style.
it is very different than mine.
i use a lot of major scale intervals. and most of my solos sound the same.
but you have a certain twist to your playing that i like.
thanks for doing this duel.
its alot of fun to play with someone at your caliber!

Mike Lindyn
Monday 6:52 am, 7/20/2009 Report
I remember a student of mine saying the exact same thing 15 years ago. For better or worse you'll know its me Smile I don't think its the notes, scales, or intervals I use but the phrasing and general melodic approach. I have a hard time stepping away from it and really only can when I write out a whole piece... This gives me time to consciously consider each phrase and do my best to step away from that whole Mike Lindyn Vibe Wink

This is one of the reasons I get so impressed with people who can sound like other players... because I can't.

Monday 3:59 am, 7/20/2009 Report
I just gave 'em both a listen. There's 2 totally different lead styles goin' on here. I'm gonna hafta come back and listen again later before I vote. Sounds pretty sweet though. Anybody notice how Mike has an extremely recognizable tone to his lead playing? Like, even if I didn't know that it was him I'd still know that it was him, you know? I dig that.

Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 7:45 pm, 7/15/2009 Report
Great track Pizzle... I wish I knew you were using your acoustic I would have too. Thanks for sending in the backing track it's really fun to play over.