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Highintel vs. Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn

Highintel vs. Mike Lindyn

Duel Started:9/27/2009, 9:26 am
Duel Ends:10/4/2009, 8:26 am

Terms of this Duel:
This Challenge is Based on composition, originality, melodic continuity, Technique, Command, Style, but not sound quality.

I am fortunate enough to work where there is a Recording Studio and I know how bad home recordings can sound, so I do not want that to be an advantage.

Just raw guitar playing!!!

Tracks can range from whatever to 5 min.

Best of Luck ;)


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Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 2:21 am, 10/6/2009 Report
Awesome duel... Can't believe I got a couple of votes on this one. That track was made a few years ago. The tune is mostly made up of B Phrygian Dominant type melody lines. Not much thinking but its just about the fastest thing I've recorded. Some of it is cool some of it drives me nuts Wink

I'd love to hear that whole track of yours too, the solo was kick ass.

Sunday 1:25 am, 10/4/2009 Report
You guys are both really good.

Wednesday 6:38 pm, 9/30/2009 Report
Awesome tracks both of you guys!!

Tuesday 3:49 am, 9/29/2009 Report
Wow. That would be nice. To see more guitar players active on here. Not that I don't love the dudes who are on here now but it would be awesome to have MORE dudes.

Monday 3:29 am, 9/28/2009 Report
Fine...I see how you are Mike...Wink

That was some killer shred though...I thought yours took a lot more thought so I was gonna vote for you but after reading your comment...forget it...hehe Very happy

It would be cool to see more people participate in this though. This site has a lot of great qualities, but we live in a competitive world and when people find out that they can duel for free and millions will vote for you that attracts a lot of mouths.

If you want I could make like a Youtube video of some Duels and brief overview of the site. I get up to 75,000 views on some of my videos. Average is 25,000.
Or, if you make a video I will send it to all my subscribers and friends on youtube. I also have a friend Nasreen that is friends with MattRach on youtube. I am sure they would share it to Wink Were talking Millions of views. It would be better if you made the video because I am no TV Host..lol

Just something I could do to repay you for all your work on this site.

It really is Great!

Sunday 4:31 pm, 9/27/2009 Report
cool tracks!!!
i would like to hear highintel's solo a little louder, but besides that it was kill.

Mike Lindyn
Sunday 9:31 am, 9/27/2009 Report
Awesome solo man.

I voted for myself but I think I'll need the votes. Wink