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Mike Lindyn vs. Ken

Mike Lindyn



Mike Lindyn vs. Ken

Duel Started:4/30/2008, 12:23 am
Duel Ends:5/6/2008, 11:23 pm

Terms of this Duel:
How about a simple duel with your most mellow piece.

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Mike Lindyn
Saturday 9:07 pm, 5/3/2008 Report
I wouldn't say your getting smoked at all. I'm only up by a couple of votes.

Anyways who cares. I know for a fact there are guys on this board that can wipe the floor with me but I still want to duel them. Wink

Friday 11:14 pm, 5/2/2008 Report
Well Mike, i'm getting smoked here!!
I have to agree, yours is tops, but you know, it's all good fun!
I had fun recording it, thinking maybe I should have used a real acoustic instead of a piezo.
Thanks for the compliment Black_Shuriken!

Friday 7:18 am, 5/2/2008 Report
Damn guys, both killer tracks, but I had to go with Lindyn's. Alot more soothing to my ear, his tone was more to my liking also.

Mike Lindyn
Wednesday 2:49 am, 4/30/2008 Report
You're track is killer too I've listened to it twice. And right now we're tied. Dance

Wednesday 12:26 am, 4/30/2008 Report
Mike, amazing peice you did, nice job. I'd vote for you, but.... hehe!