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T.A.Z vs. Highintel




T.A.Z vs. Highintel

Duel Started:7/18/2008, 10:53 am
Duel Ends:7/25/2008, 9:53 am

Terms of this Duel:
Well guys I enjoy a bit of competition to make hings interesting so does anyone fancy having a duel??

I got a Funky Jam about 2 minutes long, anyone can enter and I´m not specifying a genre because I don´t believe anyone should be confined to any one genre so just have fun with it.

Anyone fancy it?? Give me a shout!!

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Monday 11:29 am, 11/3/2008 Report

Friday 8:15 am, 7/25/2008 Report
Taz! This was about as far left and right as a duel can be...lol There is no winner of this due to lack of context in genre. Can't really compare. I have tracks like yours but from them you have no Idea I can write like I do so How do I know your not a king shredder from your track? Know what I mean? Anyway, If this duel is holding the program up I won't be offended if you just remove it so you can change the program. I think you guys are on to something really cool and entertaining!

Thanks again!


Wednesday 4:15 pm, 7/23/2008 Report
Fair enough Mike. It might be worth dropping it down to 5 votes for now until it gets a little busier?? I do look forward to the addition of a forum for it aswell.

Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 2:35 pm, 7/22/2008 Report
Oh yeah, I forgot, I'll setup the forum thing this weekend.

Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 2:33 pm, 7/22/2008 Report
Yeah the duals will run up to 20 if I remember correctly. There is also a time limit of one week. Since there is not too much activity on the board yet they usually get stopped because the the time limit.

Tuesday 11:55 am, 7/22/2008 Report
I think its a great idea Mike, about the forum that is. It would be pretty good that. I've seen the whole duel/battle type thing done on another forum I used to use, and they had everything set up in a forum type layout. It should work well!!

Highintel, it would appear mate you've won. I don't know what the count goes up to but the other duels seem to run till about 5 votes or so.

Mike Lindyn
Tuesday 3:50 am, 7/22/2008 Report
Andro-Taz wrote: Mike, about the duels I have a thought, maybe when you create a challenge be able to upload a tune for you both to jam over. Thats what I was originally trying to do with this duel.

Taz - Thats what I was thinking you did. Actually I had accepted your Duel a few hours before this one started. After I heard your track I removed my duel stuff and was going to explain what was going on and workout a we could jam to this track. But it was late so I went to bed before sending you a message, when I woke up this duel was going. So I didn't get a chance to talk to you about this.

Its clear that there needs to be a change to the system now. I have been thinking about this for a couple of days and I think the answer I've come up with will work out, tell me what you think about this: What if I expand the forum to have a Duels Topic area. This area will be seen from inside the forum like all the other forum topics but it will also show up on the Duels home page in a sightly different design. This way I can leave the duel upload and acceptance section unchanged but people will be able to pre-arrange a duel if they need to use a shared track. It would also make the duels home page look better and anytime someone posted a duel change it would go to the front page just like all the other forum topics.

Highintel - You're lessons are awesome I was totally stoked to see them this morning but I was on my way to work and didn't have time to reply. (Can't reply or even visit the site while at work right now so I have to wait until I get home Sad .) I will be taking a closer look at them as soon as I finish writing this comment.

As to tabs... Yes you can upload them right through the media management tool and it will give you a link to the file you just uploaded so you can use it in your lessons. There are a couple things to keep in mind if you go this route...

1st) there is a limit to how many files users can upload (I thinks its 35).

2nd) lately a lot of people have been saying they are have a hard time downloading tab files. This is a long thing I don't want to get into right now but you read about it here. http://www.guitarknowledgenet.com/forum/topic_index.php?topic_id=986

This is not to say that we can't do this only that special measures will be needed to be taken. Maybe you can send me zipped tab files and I will put them on the server and give you the url for embeding them into your lesson.

Wow that was a long comment.

Monday 8:17 pm, 7/21/2008 Report
Taz, That would be a great Idea! Or like Guitarmegeddon have like 20 tracks to choose from and maybe different duels for different Genres. It's hard to tell what's better if it's apples VS oranges. :O

Mike, THANK YOU! I was wondering if that would be all right to embed the youtube vids, I'm glad I can. I didn't want to do a lesson and have it removed due to stipulations..hehe. I have been wanting to make my own site like this but regret to say I have yet found the time. Now that you did I won't have to! This is a great site and I can see a lot of good uses for it. You might want to set up a pay pal or something and people may donate to help you for your time. I will donate many lessons for I can give my student's this link for and help give them more insight while they are at home. I think this is going to be huge!
One other thing I was wondering.. I have created over 1000 power tab lessons that are sitting in my computer. I have not checked out the tabs section for this yet but it would be awesome if there was a way I could upload them to use. If not I can re write them for each lesson using this program...I'm just being lazy...lol :/

Thanks guys

Monday 11:21 am, 7/21/2008 Report
Thanks Highintel I spent a lot of my college time in the studio, so I've picked up a couple of tricks haha

Mike, about the duels I have a thought, maybe when you create a challenge be able to upload a tune for you both to jam over. Thats what I was originally trying to do with this duel. I originally wanted me and the challenger to jam over this tune. But as it turned out its still quite a good duel!

Mike Lindyn
Monday 7:52 am, 7/21/2008 Report
Highintel - Yeah man posts some lessons, That would be awesome!

BTW, I followed the link on your profile to your myspace page and I remembered you. I had asked to be your friend because a guy name Dusty sent me a message saying you were a great teacher. You really are a great teacher I've watched some of your videos I was planning on hitting you up but I have not gotten to the point yet. Thats the trouble with being a one man operation like GKN its hard to find the time to get everything done on time or correctly. (You may have already noticed this because of the picture upload mistake Blush Wink )

As to your questions:

Right now the duels are blind. I have discussed changing this. This area is pretty new so the rules are in a state of flux and maybe changed as more people are involved and we figure out whats best.

Video Upload:
There is no video upload right now but you can embed Youtube videos right into the lesson builder by inserting the youtube embed code into the text area. I want full video upload functionality as soon as I can get it but my hosting package will not really let me do that (its lacking ffmpeg-php set-up like they have for youtube or myspace). As the site gets bigger it will be my goal to do this.

Monday 4:33 am, 7/21/2008 Report
Thanks guys!! Mike, anytime about the picture thing! I was also wondering if the duel was set up as a blind event or if you can listen to the competitions work first to see what you are getting into...hehe I really think this will be a great site for musicians/guitarists. I do have a ton of lessons I can add! I have like 40 vids on youtube that are really good lessons but I don't see an upload section for vids here. Are you planning on adding that? Would be awesome! I am a very educated guitarist and have a lot to offer this community as well as I want to learn from other musicians too! You have some great ideas here my friends!

Thanks for everything! I will tell everyone about this site!


Taz, I can't wait to hear more of your stuff! Your a great player and quite the studio engineer guy too sounds like!

Sunday 1:25 pm, 7/20/2008 Report
Ken I was thinking the exact same thing about Highintel when I heard his tune!! hahaha

Saturday 10:41 pm, 7/19/2008 Report
Both are great! Taz, your grooves to the extreme, man!

Highintel, did you take steroids before playing this?!
Sheesh! I can't even think that fast!

Good job guys!

Mike Lindyn
Saturday 3:41 pm, 7/19/2008 Report
Oh yeah I forgot... Hey, Highintel, could you cough on me so maybe I'll catch those arps Wink

Mike Lindyn
Saturday 3:38 pm, 7/19/2008 Report
I was very impressed with both tunes. Highintel thats some great playing. Taz I was totally jamming with your track last night too. Its fun Smile

Highintel - thanks so much for mentioning that the picture upload was not working. I kept wondering why people had these great profiles without pictures and that explains it. Its fixed now. Thanks again.

Taz - I need to somehow put the duels on the front page. So more people can see that there is a duel running this way we can get more voters. To tell the truth I didn't even notice this duel was going at first either and I am always looking for these things. I really have to make it so people can see these are happening more easily.

Saturday 9:19 am, 7/19/2008 Report
Yeah I got a few backers like that mate. I made a couple and robbed a load out of magazines for me to jam over myself.

It's a bit quiet aint it on the voting front haha Its a shame how quiet this place is because its an ace site!!

Friday 10:42 pm, 7/18/2008 Report
COOKIE!!!!! Thanks man! looks like a tie sinse we both voted for each other...hehe

Love the profile pic! Classic! Mine won't upload for some reason Sad

I like improvising over your track! Do you have more like that?

Friday 3:17 pm, 7/18/2008 Report
Dude that was awesome!!! Very impressed dude!! I'll give you a cookie just because I'm impressed!!

Friday 11:04 am, 7/18/2008 Report
I like the funk jam! Great recording and nice playing! Good groove! I didn't know how to hear your MP3 before the contest or I would of used some of my acoustic stuff! hehe! I don't really believe in contests because it's all an opinion anyway! Do I get a cookie if I win..lol

Later man!