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bigred44 vs. bodomtheater




bigred44 vs. bodomtheater

Duel Started:1/21/2009, 6:16 pm
Duel Ends:1/28/2009, 5:16 pm

Terms of this Duel:
Im using my Dean Z and my Crate KX-50. I run my distortion off of a Digitech D7 Distortion factory pedal.

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Mike Lindyn
Monday 1:25 am, 1/26/2009 Report
Right on! Hey if you feel up to it write a lesson for the site... Always looking to get new people to post lessons.

Sunday 12:29 am, 1/25/2009 Report
thanks man. im diggin the site. you guys have some awsome lessons.

Mike Lindyn
Saturday 3:40 pm, 1/24/2009 Report
BigRed - Very cool rendition of a very cool tune. Guitar

bodomtheater - I really like your name it matches your music... That's some good stuff man.

Friday 1:20 pm, 1/23/2009 Report
Not guys!! Not bad at all!!