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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Sweep picking Triads By Highintel

Sweep picking Triads By Highintel

Member Image Highintel

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This will be a Video lesson on this technique. This is not a theory lesson. If you are unsure what a triad is then wait for my lesson on Triads and Arpeggios or search for another lesson. This is an advanced technique but can be applied to all levels. The sooner the better!

So lets get started!!!

To start you will need the program Power Tabs to view and play the tabs for this lesson. If you do not have power tabs then download it for free at this link,


and here is the tab


If that doesn't work Leave a comment and hopefully Mike can help me fix it.

Sweep picking Triads Video Lesson,

The video is pretty self explainitory but here are a few other additions to make this lesson go smoother.
Here is a TAB of the technique used in this lesson.

Some of the triads are posted twice but that is only to relate to the chord progression and to demand less thought while learning this. These are the triads I use in the first example on the video.

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Thursday 5:39 pm, 4/15/2010 Report
BTW, what amp do you use for these videos?

Thursday 5:38 pm, 4/15/2010 Report
Thanks for the lesson, it ALL helps. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Monday 3:51 am, 7/28/2008 Report
LOL! I can almost pass as normal! Thanks Jeremy!

Monday 2:35 am, 7/28/2008 Report
Nice lesson. This is one of the tightest lessons yet. I noticed that you don't have much of an alien accent though.

Monday 1:23 am, 7/28/2008 Report
Thanks Taz! It is one of my favorite techniques!

Sunday 11:34 am, 7/27/2008 Report
WOW!! Highintel this is an awesome lesson mate!!

I'll be taking a little bit of this!!