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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Trilogy Suite Op.5 By Highintel

Trilogy Suite Op.5 By Highintel

Member Image Highintel

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This lesson is an over view of Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Suite Op. 5. It will include Video, text and tabliture to demonstrate.

This first riff is a descending C Harmonic minor riff. A Very Vivaldi motif influinced riff.
These next two riffs are alternate picked. I start with a downstroke but you can experiment with both do see what works best for you.

This next motif is another Vivaldi influinced riff on the open G string which the Motif can be heard in Vivaldi's Summer part 3 of the Four Seasons.

Now we move on to the triad part.

This part is probably the most difficult due to the fact that it changes technique between sweeping and alternate picking through out the arrangment. This is more of a Johan Sabastian Bach influinced arrangment.

Make sure you push through the strings on the first two downstrokes of each sweep.!!!! Do not pick two downstrokes!!!!. 'It is one motion through both strings'.

I use a down stroke to transfer technique to alternate in this riff because it is the same action I took in the sweeping part.

This riff switches to a Diminished riff in the end. The Diminished riff starts with an upstroke and then a pull off to the first finger and then down sweep through the 3 strings

Alternate pick this last riff

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ally jones
Sunday 1:56 pm, 8/3/2008 Report
Once again another great couple of Lessons,Thanks Dude

Sunday 2:33 am, 8/3/2008 Report
Nice! Well done and very clean. I enjoyed it.

Mike Lindyn
Friday 5:54 am, 8/1/2008 Report
Awesome Lesson!!!!

This is my favorite Yngwie song. Thats some great playing man! Thumbs Up

Wednesday 7:01 am, 7/30/2008 Report
Thanks Guys!Very happy

Tuesday 9:31 am, 7/29/2008 Report
Awsome Highintel!! Very cool lesson!!

Tuesday 8:57 am, 7/29/2008 Report
Dude, you're a really good guitar player. Yeah, cool lesson too.