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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson The Cult Lil Devil song analysis By jasonmusicman

The Cult Lil Devil song analysis By jasonmusicman

Member Image jasonmusicman

Joined:7/30/2008, 12:22 pm
Last Visit:7/30/2008, 12:22 pm

Hi All

Heres a link to a song analysis of the Cult Lil Devil.


Also visit my Website at www.virtual-guitar-lessons.com

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Sunday 4:04 am, 8/3/2008 Report
Should be Jasonbusinessman not Jasonmusicman...hehe;)

Sorry Jason, but all I see here is another way for you to make money. I make money teaching as well but I also respect the people like me who did not have money for this kind of knowledge and had to work hard to gain it. You are eliminating the source of free knowledge and profiting from it. I teach only those who need or want personal one on one help for money. I do not deny the disciplined from this knowledge for it was not denied to me. I have a waiting list for student's so the free knowledge I have allowed to flow has not effected my business, in fact, I feel it has helped it. Try giving a little to receive Jason. I think you will find more friends in life with this logic Smile

Take care!

BTW, your youtube lesson was great! Use the embedded code to put it on this lesson. Better yet! Look at my lessons on this site to see how this site actually has a lot of useful tools on it to aid your youtube lessons. I also have included the link for these lessons in my youtube vids.

Mike Lindyn
Friday 5:49 am, 8/1/2008 Report
Hi jasonmusicman,

Welcome to GKN... I don't mind you promoting your site here. Infact I think its great that you want to promote it here. However there is a difference between a lesson and a link to a lesson. The very least you could do is embed the video into the page rather than just leaving a link.

I hope you fix this.