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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Alternate Picking By Highintel

Alternate Picking By Highintel

Member Image Highintel

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Alternate picking is probably one of the more difficult techniques to master when changing strings. The following lesson is short and sweet but it covers the best beginning pattern in my opinion for this subject.

Below is a video example to help with the explaination.

The main thing for me was to concintrate on accenting the first and the fourth notes. The first is the placement pluck and the fourth is the turnaround. I start with a strong downstroke on the first note and follow with alternate picking to the 4th note on the next string which I focus on the upstroke. This is very important. Simple but important. Eventually you will only use the 4th note as a accent till you can lighten up and equally distribute attack and dynamics for each note. Start slow but after you have a good grasp of where each note is don't be afraid to full throttle it. In association, look at it like water skiing. If the boat just took right off it would pull the handle from your hands. If it takes off too slow the pressure from the water will pull you from the handle. That same ballance the driver has to make is the same as you will have to find in your progression. It will take 10 years to master this if your boat takes off too slow..as if it starts too fast:D



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ally jones
Sunday 1:42 pm, 8/3/2008 Report
Very Helpful, Nice Lesson Cheers for that Highintel

Sunday 1:08 pm, 8/3/2008 Report
Ecellent little lesson yet again man!! Your a gold mine of lessons aren't ya!! Great lesson mate very helpful