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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Beginer song By marjan

Beginer song By marjan

Member Image marjan

Joined:9/22/2006, 8:27 pm
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Very easy song for beginners. I don't know the name but it was from a book for guitar playing that I have started with. The song is for classical guitar with fingerstyle playing , it doesn't require any knowledge or guitar technics, just basic skills for left and right hand playing. I tried to play it with all fingers from left hand althought the most of the song can be played with first and second finger. The right hand should hold the standard playing: thumb is used for 6th, 5th nad 4th string, index finger used for 3rd string, middle finger for 2nd string and ring finger used for 1st string. Only for the riffs on first string, inbetween the chords, we can use index and middle finger for playing this part.
Here is the tab:

Two parts can be problematic for pure beginners, first one is 5th and 9th measure where we have half barre with left hand index finger, second problem is 13th measue where we have whole chord B7. Another problem can be right hand playing on solo parts (3rd, 6th, 10th 12th and 14th measure) where we have to swicth the right hand from chord playing position to solo playing position and return back. If you pay more attention and master this parts you can be ready for playing your first guitar song.

The song is very simple but still you can enjoy your playing. I preffer to start it using a metronome, with slower tempo like on following video:
Beginner song - slow

Here is the song in normal tempo:
Beginner song

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Friday 1:31 am, 10/16/2009 Report
very cool melody line in this little tune. i don't fingerpick much, so this is a little challenge, but not too difficult.

Monday 9:58 pm, 8/4/2008 Report
Thank you for your comments.

On the video I used my Oscar Schmidt guitar with pickup. The signal was amplified with digitech rp200 (few effects added) and normal stereo amplifier.

About the book, I realy don't remember, it was 25 years ago and the book was on my origin macedonian language. It was beginers book with several examples like this, small but very effective book as I remember.

Monday 5:25 pm, 8/4/2008 Report
Really nice little tune mate. Gonna be great for beginners.

I think its important we include stuff like this within the lessons area as there wiil obviously be beginners around aswell. So this is a great start!!

Monday 5:05 am, 8/4/2008 Report
This is a great beginner lesson! I know most beginners don't know about time signatures but I would add that the song is in 3/4 timing and all quarter notes.

What guitar are you using in your video example?

I will use this with some of my students!

Also could you write the book name? I have a great beginner classical book called Mel Bay's guitar classics in Tab. It has both Tab and staff music plus comes with a CD for examples. It's only like $9.95. Well worth it, has songs like Fur Elise, Rondo Alla Turca, Nut cracker theme, and many other awesome songs transposed for easy fingerings to start with!

Thank you!

Sunday 7:49 pm, 8/3/2008 Report
Thank you Mike
I would like to put it on flash player like some other lessons I saw here, but I don't know how to do it.
Thank you for the comments, I hope this song can be very usefull for guitar beginers

Mike Lindyn
Sunday 5:32 pm, 8/3/2008 Report
Hi marjan,

There was a slight problem with the second video link But I fixed it for you. Smile

That was an really nice looking guitar. Who makes it?

Mike Lindyn
Sunday 2:34 pm, 8/3/2008 Report
Great Lesson.

I've played a lot of little etudes like this. This is a nice one thanks for for sharing it. Thumbs Up