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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Cat in a Blender By Ripkord

Cat in a Blender By Ripkord

Member Image Ripkord

Joined:9/10/2008, 6:19 am
Last Visit:9/16/2008, 11:20 pm

This is a two handed, diminished, string skipping monster! Whoa!!! LOL! I do alot of two handed stuff and this is one of my favorites. I use the index finger of my R hand for the tapping, but use whichever finger you're comfortable with. After you get comfortable with the basic fingering, start moving it up or down the neck within the scale. Example: After you've played the above example, slide from the 12th fret G string with your LH index finger to the 18th fret and play the whole sequence again. Work to get all of the notes to sound even and gradually increase your speed until it sounds like a cat in a blender!!!

Note: No cats were hurt when creating this lick!

Disclaimer: Play at your own risk! I cannot be held responsible if you are suddenly mauled by angry cats that are trying to save their friends!


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Thursday 11:29 pm, 9/25/2008 Report
Killa! I play technical Difficulties in one of my bands (Silent Witness) check it on youtube...hehe It uses similar riffs but major and minor but for one part it uses this diminished riff. Kool lesson!

Mike Lindyn
Monday 2:00 am, 9/15/2008 Report
I agree with Scarified in so far as I can play this a lot faster and cleaner with only one hand. Really cool lick thanks for posting it.

Sunday 9:22 pm, 9/14/2008 Report
'tis a great lick, I would just prefer to play it legato with one hand, in the style of Paul Gilbert.