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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Basic Blues Soloing By Highintel

Basic Blues Soloing By Highintel

Member Image Highintel

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This lesson is going to show you some ideas on Soloing over a 1-4-5 using all Dominant Chords.

This is a basic Blues progression.

Short and sweet,

For the A7 Chord you can use

or If your Brave you can try

Just remember not to resolve on the minor 3rd but use it as a passing tone or simi tone by bending.

For the D7,

If you look at the difference between the 3rd of A7 and the 7 of D7 you will notice the key changes.

This allows you to use 'A Minor' pentatonic over the 4 chord (D7 in this case).

also use Am Blues Scale

Or A Dorian

And Over the E7 you have a lot of options. But for this lesson heres a few.

Or use Ab Minor pentatonic with raised 5th

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Wednesday 2:22 pm, 7/27/2011 Report
Very helpful little lesson this Highintel. Good work!

Tuesday 5:17 pm, 4/13/2010 Report
Great lesson, thanks.

Tuesday 10:55 pm, 10/6/2009 Report
the numbers are off from when I made this.. Don't know why, but I'm not redoing this lesson cuz of it. Just put the root on the note stated...

ex...Ab minor is on 4th fret not 3rd....etc...

you can do it!!!!!!!