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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Soloing over Chords (Must Know Basic level) By Highintel

Soloing over Chords (Must Know Basic level) By Highintel

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As stated in the video, Modes are 'Sections of a Scale'.

They are not the Scales.

The Scale is the division of the intervals or 12 tones we use.

The modes are the sections of that Scale. Sometimes you have to say it a few times Wink

In this example we are using A as the 1, F#m as the 6, Bm as the 2, and E as the 5.

You might notice that it is all the same scale or it appears to be the same mode just missing notes to make the different modes. That is actually all that is happening.

Lets look at the same mode with the target noted Highlighted

Hopefully what you have just learned is the Target notes throughout the Chord Progression 1-6-2-5. Repeat this logic over all Chord progressions you learn in the future.

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Wednesday 7:38 pm, 6/16/2010 Report
ur the man! im trying to teach myself guitar theory after 7 years of playing and i should have learned that back in middleschool. thanks alot.

Tuesday 5:12 pm, 4/13/2010 Report
Great job, you are correct that the basics are important. This video helped me to reinforce the knowledge that I already have. You can always learn something and should, no matter where it comes from.

Wednesday 2:37 pm, 10/21/2009 Report
Very helpful... thanks a lot! I'm trying to learn how to play better leads so any videos like this are greatly appreciated.

Monday 7:22 am, 10/19/2009 Report
Thanks Guys!

I bought a new Microsoft HD web cam so I'll be posting more here soon!

Sunday 11:01 pm, 10/18/2009 Report
awesome lesson man. your a very good teacher.

Tuesday 3:59 am, 10/13/2009 Report
I think that most users on here probably don't realize that there are comment sections at the bottom of just about every section of GKN. But... nice video, dude. You're a good speaker.