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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson Faster Picking By metalfreak0551

Faster Picking By metalfreak0551

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When playing guitar everyone wants to get to playing faster and faster. Well here are just a few exercises to help you achieve that. First start with you picking hand, look at your pick . If it is more worn on one side or the other that means you are angling the pick . This can often slow down your speed and make your up stroke harder to do and difficult to get rhythmic.

So the first exercise is the flat edge exercise . start out by holding the pick the way you normally do , its important not to change the way it feels in your hand . now when you upstroke slowly angle your hand and arm so that when the pick slides down and up, the pick is perfectly flat. you should notice a little discomfort in your wrist ,not a lot but you will start to feel the muscles in your wrist getting a workout. That´s OK just don't over do it .now do that for about 5 minutes of your warm up everyday and your hand will start to naturally pick flatter and you won't have to try so hard to keep it flat.

This next exercise is an add on to the last one. A lot of players are used to using a lot of pick when they play. Its not necessary and it creates more resistance and slows you down. So this next one is the small pick exercise.

when you slowly flat pick the strings concentrate on using the least amount of pick possible to sound off the strings ,if you play an electric plug in before you start doing this or the exercise does no good. do this for about 5 minutes of your warm up and before you know it you will start getting faster and faster

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Thursday 3:22 am, 12/30/2010 Report
This is a short & sweet lesson. It's funny that you posted this 'cause I was just discussing the idea behind the first part of your lesson with a fellow guitar player last night.

I used to use an extreme angle when I would alternate pick. So much so that I was prone to fumble the pick between switching from the extreme angle to flat picking. I adjusted that quite a while ago and now I use strict flat picking. It increased my dexterity and it improved the tone generated by my pick attack.

It took a while to make this adjustment. It was like learning how to play all over again in some instances. But it was worth it.

Cool lesson.