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Welcome to the Guitar KnolwledgeNet Tab Archive

This archive is not too fancy but it gives access to some of the most popular tabs available today. Right now there are about 20 thousand .ptb, .gp3 and .gp4 files in this archive. You have to be a member of GKN to use this archive but visitor are will to look at this list.

To use the files on this page you will need to have a version of either Power Tab (for .ptb files) or Guitar Pro (for .gp3 & .gp4 files). Power tabs is a free software package that can be found at http://www.power-tab.net. Guitar Pro is available for a fee at http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php. Both of these programs are great and have changed the way people learn songs today. Check them out.

All the songs here are listed by the band name or artist's last name, however the song titles listed underneath the artist's name may not display in exact alphabetical order so check the whole list before determining a particular song is not there. The list is alphabetical and the "Quick Jump" links bring you to bands or artists who name (last name) begins with that letter. For example, click "M" for Metallica or "J" for Elton John. Once you have found the artist you are looking for click on their names to see their tabs.

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Power Tab Files 1 || Guitar Pro Files 24 || Total Files 36

Power Tab Files 2 || Guitar Pro Files 2 || Total Files 6

Power Tab Files 0 || Guitar Pro Files 1 || Total Files 1

Power Tab Files 0 || Guitar Pro Files 4 || Total Files 4

Power Tab Files 0 || Guitar Pro Files 1 || Total Files 1

Power Tab Files 7 || Guitar Pro Files 40 || Total Files 57