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GKN Guitar Lessons Menu

GKN Guitar and Music Theory Lesson Area GKN Lesson Area
The GKN Guitar Lesson Menu is a collection of all of the GKN guitar lessons published to date. This is a good starting point for people trying to grasp the basic principles of music theory and playing technique.

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Member Created Lessons GKN Member Guitar Lessons
The GKN Member Guitar Lesson Section offers lessons and learning materials created by GKN members. Lessons can be filtered by category, skill level or genre, and utilize easy to read diagrams as well as audio and video examples.

The Member Lesson Section will soon become the heart and soul of the new Guitar KnowledgeNet. Member can use the GKN tools to quickly create their own lessons and learning materials. These lessons and materials can then be shared with the community through this section. If you have something worth teaching (as almost everyone does) write it down and share it... Lets expand KnowledgeNet.

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Practice Schedules GKN Memeber Practice Schedules
GKN users can create their own practice schedules and share them with everyone on the site. Here is a list of all the practice schedules that are currently available. These schedules can have all the same type of elements as a GKN lesson and can be a great place to get new practice ideas.

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Woodshed Tablature Files Woodshed
The GKN Woodshed is a way of sharing tabs created by members. Tabs are created and submitted to the community for feedback and comments.

Woodshed submissions are in the form of single tab staffs. These tabs represent a music idea, a song fragment or a finger exercise. The submission can also include an audio example to give reader a better idea of the music that is being expressed.

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