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therobb's Profile

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User Name: therobb
Total GKN Activity Points: 79
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Age: 45
Number of Instruments Played: 4
Member Since: 12/3/2008
Last Visit: 7/23/2009
Tabs Created: 0
Public Lessons: 0
Woodshed Postings: 0
Duels Entered: 0
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My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 35Proficiency: Intermediate
Nylon String Acoustic GuitarYears Playing: 34Proficiency: Intermediate
Bass GuitarYears Playing: 29Proficiency: Intermediate
Piano/KeyboardYears Playing: 2020Proficiency: 0

My Approach to Learning and Playing:

approach to writing and playing is to get a melody rolling in my head, try to find it on the guitar, then work it out on paper try recording it all and hope i get it all right. kinda like rocket science, you can have all the theory there is but once the fuse is lit all you can do is hope for the best and pray it doesn´t blow up in your face
My Musical Education:

spent a lot of time in high school and then college learning theory and music history as well as studying independently diff types of music from around the world(middle/far eastern, and tribal) never took formal guitar lessons, learned a bit from my father and took off on my own with it
My Musical Influences:

indian sitar styles/rhythms, Joe Satriani, metalica, testament, bach, stravinsky, paganini, and everything else i´ve ever heard
My Gear
Electric Guitar
Make: Ibanez
Model: EX-3700
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
Effects Processor
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
Electric Guitar
Make: Unspecified
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:

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