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User Name: dreadnaught
Total GKN Activity Points: 45
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Number of Instruments Played: 2
Member Since: 12/22/2009
Last Visit: 1/27/2010
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My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 46Proficiency: Intermediate
Steel String Acoustic GuitarYears Playing: 49Proficiency: Intermediate

My Gear
Electric Guitar
Make: Other
Model: Maya Artist Model
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
Well, errr, is an old Strat copy made in Japan. I don´t play it now. I´ll change the neck this days, cause it´s its worst thing. The p-ups are Shecters and DiMarzio.
Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Make: Martin
Model: D-15
Year Acqired:
Price Paid:
$ 950.00
The Cinderella of Martin´s Dreadnoughts. Big-big tone for the bucks.

Besides, I have a 1990 EN-20 Takamine, who was as expensive as the D-15, but the tone is very little compared to D-15.

And a Chinesse cheap great sounding Walden D-550! Only 180€!