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Woody's Profile

Member Info
User Name: Woody
Total GKN Activity Points: 67
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Age: 25
Number of Instruments Played: 4
Member Since: 9/22/2013
Last Visit: 9/22/2013
Tabs Created: 0
Public Lessons: 0
Woodshed Postings: 0
Duels Entered: 0
Duels Won: 0
Other Social Network: Here

My Musical Knowledge

Instruments I Play:

Electric GuitarYears Playing: 13Proficiency: Intermediate
Steel String Acoustic GuitarYears Playing: 13Proficiency: Intermediate
HarmonicaYears Playing: 9Proficiency: Beginner
TrumpetYears Playing: 2021Proficiency: 0

My Approach to Learning and Playing:

Chords first, then learn to play the intro, then the verse, then everything else.
My Musical Education:

5+ years of dicking around
My Musical Influences:

Most everything before the 2000´s
My Learning Resources:

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