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GKN Learning Tools & Resources

Individual Chord & Scale Fingerings Chord Information Page (Chords In Tab)
Generate 6 chord fingerings for dozens of chords type from any root note. If you want to know 6 ways of playing an E Minor chord this is the place to look. For ease of use, any open chords will be presented first as these are the chords people tend to learn first. Other information include the chord's formula and the notes used to create the chord.

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Full Fretboard Chord and Scale Finder Icon Full Fretboard Chord and Scale Generator
The Full Fretboard Chord and Scale Generator is an application that will show you the location of every note in a given chord or scale over the length of your fretboard. This section is great for learning new chord, scale or arpeggio fingerings. The Full Fretboard Chord and Scale Generator was the first tool offered by GKN and has been a favorite for years now.

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Individual Chord & Scale Fingerings Individual Chord & Scale Fingerings
Unlike the Full Fretboard Chord and Scale Finder this area shows individual chord, scale or mode fingerings in playable forms. All scales are shown with 2 basic fingerings each (box form & 3-note per string form). All the chords are shown with 6 different chord fingerings each. The red dots in these chord/scale diagrams will be used to represent the root note of the chord or scale while all other notes will be shown white. For example, if the mode/scale selected is 'Dorian' and you play the scale fingering with the red dot on the note 'G' the scale would be 'G Dorian' which is the second mode in the key F Major.

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Chord Progression Builder Icon Chord Progression Generator
The Progression Generator is a handy little application that includes over a hundred Major chord progressions and one hundred Minor chord progressions that can be created in every key. This application can be used to create useable chord progressions or can be used as a tool to transpose chord progressions between keys.

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Scales In Tab Icon Scales In Tab
This section offers a simple way to find tablature fingerings for the most common scales in any key. The page is very straightforward and designed for printability so you can get started on your scale work quickly.

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Terms and Theories Dictionary Icon Terms & Theories Dictionary
The GKN Terms & Theories Dictionary is a list of over 100 of the most common music theory and guitar related terms. Need to know what a term means? Its all in here fokes, from "Aeolian" all the way up to the "Whole Tone Scale".

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Ear Training Icon GKN Ear Training Application
This little application will help you develop the ability to recognize intervals and chords by ear. The application is really just a chord and/or interval test generator designed to help you get started recognizing basic chords and interval. Each test is scored so you can track your own progress as you work with the application over time. The more you work with this the better your ear will become.

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Tablature Archive Icon Tablature Archive
This is a small collection of gp3, gp4 and ptb files that were collected over the past few years. The archive has been updated recently to add a couple thousand more tabs. So that puts the total at somewhere around 22,000 tab files. Anyone can view the tab archive artist list but you have to be a member to download the tab files.

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